She isn’t a good actor

Have you ever felt not able to express yourself to your lover? Or have you ever been misunderstood by your lover? 

This just happened with a girl. And the story goes like – 

The two slept early that day, they both were tired as well as not well. It has been an hour since they slept, at 2300 hours, his phone rang. It was one of his closest friends asking him to come to help them shift their house. He just woke up at once, got ready and was all set to go. There were 3 boys already to look after the shifting and all. So she thought it’s inappropriate for him to go like that as it was too late to drive and go anywhere. 

She tried to stop him like a hundred times. But all she was told at last was- she was just a drama queen and was just there to disturb his mental peace like that! She was heartbroken! She never thought he would ever think of her like that! 

They were a couple that everyone idolized outside but this was what happened inside! 

She failed! Her acting even did not stop him. He went off to his friends. He thought all of that was an act to stop him. Even if it was, she wasn’t a good actor and wasn’t able to stop him. 

The ‘Filmy’ Abhiyan

Indian Railways, Howrah division, goes ‘filmy’ for Swachh Bharat by putting up filmy dialogue posters highlighting the importance of cleanliness and the penalty on littering or spitting. Soon, Dengue and Chikungunya ┬áposters in Delhi would say- “Vaar karna hai toh machhar pe nahi, gande paani pe karo. Machhar khud-ba-khud marr jaega.” (Chak de India)