So this Valentine’s, what’s special?? 

Well, nothing! 

He went off to his friends again. And yes I am alone again. 

Wrote something not-so-good on the same. But would like to share, so here it goes- 

I wish we were spending V-Day together at some lonely spot,

But all I would remember now, is how we fought!

Cuz love isn’t about “having” time,

It’s all about making time!

And Love isn’t about money spent,

But the Time you spend!

People make time for who they want to, 

Making money doesn’t deserve a thank you!

Your actions say it all today,

You won’t have to explain it everyday!

It wasn’t about going to a lonely spot,

It was all about filling my heart’s lonely slot!! 


Red Roses whisper of Passion ❤❤❤

This is total love and passion. 

He was late in getting back home. She was cooking dinner in the kitchen. He knelt down on the knees with red roses in his hand. She was surprised and in tears. 

Though he was late in wishing rose day but it was worth it. ❤❤❤❤

His Sleepy Sunday 

Last night he was so young and full of hopes,

Sharing tomorrow’s plans and scopes!
But tomorrow was Sunday,

And if it requires pants – it was not happening today!
He is 100% motivated to do nothing,

All plans vanished – what I’m not loving! 
His endless love affair with his bed,

Even continues if I go anger-red! 
He sleeps until he’s hungry-

Then eats until he’s sleepy!
He is a lazy sloth – move minimally, eat slowly,

Tells me to join his blanket so cozy!
He says- “I’m not sleeping – just on power saving mode” 

Until then I’m on my crazy code!
It’s a day for no mascara,

I just end with hand-made chai pakora!