Tips for Beating Depression

Cultivating Supportive Relationships:

It is very difficult to get out of a depressive state if one is alone. Getting social support plays a great role in helping to lift the fog of depression. Often, one may feel ashamed, guilty or not emotionally ready to face friends and family members and to talk about what happened. One needs to realize that such feelings are the direct effects of depression and one needs the support of loved ones to get out of such a state.

  • You need to reach out to the ones you love and trust and share your experiences with them. Seek their help and support or their presence around you.
  • When one is depressed they feel comfortable being alone or in a shell. However, being around other people can be therapeutic.
  • If you do not have family or friends to support you, it would be best to join a support group. There are many support groups which hold discussions on depression and how to deal with it. Simply being in such a group and hearing others talk about their feelings will help to alleviate your sense of isolation.

Stop the Negative Thoughts:

When you are depressed you tend to put a negative spin to everything. That would include the way you see yourself, the situations you face, expectations from the future and others. It is vital to break out of the pessimistic frame of mind in order to get out of depression.

  • Have a more balanced approach towards oneself. Stop being harsh to yourself.
  • Don’t try to be a perfectionist. Don’t be your own competitor.
  • One should try and adopt optimism even in bleak situations in order to feel lighter at heart.
  • One should write down their negative thoughts in a journal. That way one can review their feelings even in a positive frame of mind. At such a time one can evaluate such feelings and understand whether there is much objectivity about such feelings.

Taking Care of Oneself:

  • It is important to get eight hours of sleep and not less than that when one is depressed.
  • It is important to get sunlight which has a positive effect on the mood. You could sit outside in the verandah or patio, take a short walk or sit at a park bench. Getting at least 15 minutes of sunlight is good for getting one’s mood lifted.
  • Do not take on heavy work or stressful work
  • Trying yoga or going for a walk, trying meditation, taking up a hobby will help one to relax as well as get into a more positive frame of mind.

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