To, My Boyfriend’s Mother…

Dear My Boyfriend’s Mother,

I know your rules on dating your son-

He is not my ATM, And I am no bank-run!

I won’t be a stripper at your home!

He is ‘his Mama’s boy’- your own genome!

I won’t be incharge of him- won’t change him,

As he is I take him!

And now to praise you for sure-

I would add some more!

To treat me like a princess- he is surely raised by a Queen!

I have to act like a lady,

For such a gentleman he has been!

I want him to look at me,

The same way he looks at you,

This proves me, he loves me,

As much as he loves you!

I’m a fan of your work so supreme,

Thanks for raising your Little Boy to be the Man of My Dreams!


Your Son’s Loving Girlfriend!


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